(BookR) Caillou, Easter Egg Surprise

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Pages: 24

Cover: ★★★★

Book: ★★¾


The Easter Bunny has hidden eggs all over Grandma’s garden. Caillou loves hunting for them, but it’s even more fun hiding eggs for Rosie to find. Caillou feels just like the Easter Bunny! This books includes a reusable stencil for you to create your own Caillou-inspired Easter art.


My Review:

My son was looking over my shoulder when I was looking for books. He saw this one and just HAD to read it, so the cover definitely works. This book had a few illustrations and they were great, but this is definitely more of a story book than a picture book. My son is four and doesn’t have the patience to have all the text read to him, so if you have a small child this probably wouldn’t be a good investment (2-3 years old)(. The physical hard copy is supposed to have a stencil that you can use to make easter decorations so that might make it better.) Overall the story was nice. The illustrations were true to the Caillou show, and if my son were a little older this might have worked a little better for him.


**An advance readers copy of this book was provided for review, This book will be published 2/10/16**

About the Author/Illustrator:

Kim Thompson is a filmmaker, television writer and children’s book author. She wrote numerous Caillou screenplays and two titles in the Ecology Clubseries. She lives in Vancouver.

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Eric Sévigny is a graphic artist and the illustrator of numerous Caillou titles, such as Caillou: Every Drop Counts, Caillou: Happy Holidays, and Caillou Puts Away His Toys. He lives in Montreal.

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